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Our Services

MCG Consulting Group offers a full range of actuarial consulting and administrative services at competitive prices.  Always working hand in hand with your own HR staff, or third party administrator, we not only provide actuarial reports, but can also work as a full component of your HR Team.  Everything from fielding daily participant phone calls and emails, to producing and processing all of your forms and paperwork, to maintaining your personnel databases, we custom tailor ourselves to deliver whatever you need in a timely, cost-effective, professional manner.

Along with remaining diligent about the laws and regulations that affect qualified and public retirement plans, the MCG team constantly reviews and monitors the annual requirements for the sponsors of such plans.  We not only custom design options to help you provide the best plan solutions and outcomes, we also offer “Plan Termination Services” for plans that need to begin phasing out or have been frozen in order to begin winding down.  Each strategy for these scenarios is different and we customize the best solution for your plan, your participants and your company. 

At MCG, we understand that your business is our business, and our clients, along with their employees, are always our number one priority.  We serve clients nationwide that range from small self-employed individuals, to mid-sized private companies, to large public municipalities.  We pride ourselves on being your indispensable partner in pension actuarial and administration and management, and look forward to the opportunity to share more and answer any questions you may have.  MCG – Large firm expertise with small firm personal service.

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